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The A320 is the first part of FSLabs’ “A3xx Master Series” line of products for desktop flight simulators. Can be entered on INIT page A, defaulted from database, or inserted manually in this field. Flight Simulator 2020. The FSLabs A320 includes an entirely custom animated external model, a complete 2D panel set and a fully immersive 3D virtual cockpit, allowing the flight simulator pilot an … Good luck! A low cost index means that the cost of time is low or that fuel is expensive. – However, lowest cost per seat hour (and in turn per ASM) provided by new technology mid-sized B757, followed by A320 – B747-400 costs suffer from high wage rates paid to senior pilots who fly international services on this aircraft type – Comparisons of same-sized B727 and A320 show newer A320 … But I would like to do it in the most realistic way as possible. A319 and A320 = Cost Index 22 B737-300 and B737-500 = Cost Index 30 B747-400 = Cost Index 85 B757-200 = Cost Index 75 B767-300 = Cost Index 60 B777-200 = Cost Index 80 Virgin Atlantic A340-300 CI = 30 A340-600 CI = 40 B747-400 CI = 73 - 93 B747 :150 Westjet B737NG :20 … A320 Ultimate-The Ultimate A320 Simulation for X-Plane The model has its own flight model and a system depth never seen before on any flight sim. Airbus, ST Engineering and EFW have extended their strategic partnership and launched the development of the OEM supported A320/A321P2F. 10-01-2016, 01:26 PM #7. • This field (OPT ALT) in FMS displays dashes if an engine-out is detected. It will result in a low speed. And the concept of Cost Index, or CI, was born. A cost index of 100 would imply that 100 kilos of fuel is as expensive as 1 minute of flight time. so I set FL160 and it was better. I have Airbus A320-232 V2527-A5.per which I use - I found it somewhere on the aerosoft forums. Take-Off Performance Calculator developed for the FSLABS A320. ... o Cost index. 10 in COST INDEX; Cruising flight level in CRZ FL; Page F-PLN. The FMC will then try to hit the parameters that correspond to that number. To be most effective, and to maximize the benefit available by using the cost index system, the value should be adjusted for each segment depending on conditions at dispatch, by those encountered enroute, or by the operational requirement for arrival within xx minutes of schedule (for whatever the operational driver is). FSLabs Update: Thanks to a recent update, the Flight Sim Labs A320-X can now uplink your latest flight plan directly from the SimBrief server! Airbus A320 Checklist. v … 9779 fcom. A320 The A320 family’s principal variant is the A320. c:\Users\Shared\Shared documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes View Entire Discussion (4 Comments) More posts from the flightsim community. Basically you enter a cost index into the FMC during flight planning. Pilot-entered cost index. My fifty eighth livery! Place it in. Cost Index Database 2017 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Multiple engine out schedules and all engine schedules, Mach numbers and cost index data. Click on the F-PLN key; Click on the departure airport; Click on DEPARTURE; Select the runway; Scroll the waypoints by clicking on the key with the down arrow; Select the first waypoint in the suggested list; … I spent a lot of time to make this one look right, so please leave some feedback to help me improve my work 😄Thanks to @jettojig for the paintkit and … Boeing 747 Checklist. This a cost index. Original Professional FLight Planner X is required. Play. View Comments. The six-month head-start of the A320neo allowed Airbus to rack up 1,000 orders before Boeing announced the MAX. Cost index is a way to save a lot of math for the pilots. This can be increased to 164 seats in an all-economy layout at 31-inch seat pitch, or … If the PFD doesn't display 0 on ground, you can adjust this value. I know cost index is basicly how efficient the plane flies. Download our Airbus A319/320 Checklist for Normal Procedures. This is Delta Airlines 2015 revised livery for the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate. Acc. I currently use the aircraft performance file from airlinerperformance.net, mainly because I hear they are pretty close to being spot on. As a fuel saving measure, they now will adjust it from approx 17 to 70 to maintain schedule flight times. Airbus A320-200 (320) Airbus A320-200 (320) Blocking Seats for More Space On Board. Search Search. High cost index means high cost of time (e.g. MagyarMatt. This a short video to explain the Cost Index and how to use it in flight simulation. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View … gauge00=A320!PFD, 21,447,215,200, 10 The last number (10 in this example) is the radio height of the CG. DOWNLOAD. cost index 70 312/.794 .794 .80/313 opt 327, maX 363, recmD 310 COST inDEx iMPACT Figure 4 Fleet Current Cost inDeX oPtimum Cost inDeX time imPACt minutes AnnuAl Cost sAvings ($000’s) 737-400 30 12 +1 uS$754 – $771 737-700 45 12 +3 uS$1,790 – $1,971 mD-80 40 22 +2 uS$319 – $431 If you have good tailwinds, they will reduce the cost index so that you use less fuel but still arrive on sched. 1.7k. This a cost index. Hi,Since the beginning, Ive always been using the Cost Index from the tutorial flight, which is 25. A320 Cost Index Reading the books on A320 the Cost Index made me feel that cost index number is a good factor to manage the fuel consumption in relation to the cost of time (airplane, crew, etc..) however on line operation I'm finding that flying high level (FL330-390) on anything less than .78 increases cost of time with no fuel saving. Cost Index (CI) is nothing new ... For example, one airline generally uses a CI of around 9 in the A320 which results in a climb speed of about 290, a cruise speed of about .76 and a descent speed of about 260. No personal information is stored. Professional Flight Planner X (PFPX) performance profiles for the complete Airbus A320 (A318/A319/A320/A321) family with all available engines for real-world operators. This means that an A320 Family-qualified pilot can step into any of the four aircraft at any time – allowing airlines with multiple Family versions to schedule the aircraft best matched to passenger bookings of a specific route on any day, with a range of seating options from 100 to 240 passengers. Take-Off calculation can be used with other flight simulator A320 products as well. On this aircraft, through March 30, 2021, middle seats (typically seats “B” and “E”) will be blocked from selection for parties of 1-2. passengers about to miss their flight connection) or low fuel price (rare these days). Cost index is the cost of time over the cost of fuel. ... Download our Cost-Index Database for various airlines. Airbus A320 Cost Index: 13 Airbus A321 Cost Index: 17 Boeing 737-300 Cost Index: 10 Boeing 737-800 Cost Index: 9 Boeing 757-200 Cos Index: 10 Boeing 767-300 Long Haul Cost Index: 19 Short Haul Cost Index: 11 Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737CL & NG: 11-14 United Airlines Flight with duration < 4 Hours: A319 and A320 = Cost Index 27 Typically 0 to 100 cost index is used. Displays cost index in blue. The Shopping Cart: 0 Item(s) / $0 Weight and Balance calculations are valid for the FSLABS airbus only. Airbus A320x Flight Crew Operating Manual 3. The higher the number, the faster you go, but you also burn more fuel. A320 family an attractive choice. At the minimum cost index (0) only fuel counts. Stormy approach into Naples, Italy. < PREVIOUS: NEXT > This website uses cookies for the loadsheet display. As for the Aerosoft A320, you'll find it a big step up from the FSX defaults (the PMDG product range even more so) but if I can do it (at over 70) I'm sure you can too. FOR SIMULATION USE ONLY. Seating from 100 to 240 passengers and flying throughout the world, with the widest single-aisle cabin, an A320 takes off or lands every 1.6 seconds. I added an A320 IAE on PFPX, after uploading the performance profile I noticed I could not enter a cost index value, it … Parties of 3 or more can book adjacent seats together. ... A320 FCOM VOL1. Its cabin allows 150 seats in a two-class layout (see table, page 7) of 12 first-class and 138 economy seats. B777 Study Guide (Emirates) A320 … Simply provide your SimBrief username during the A320-X install/update process to enable the uplink feature. Airbus sold the A320 well to low-cost startups and offering a choice of engines could make them more attractive to airlines and lessors than the single sourced 737, but CFM engines are extremely reliable. A320 Line Training Last Updated: 14thJan, 2020 COMMON ITEMS ALREADY EXPLAINED ... • It is based on current engine and wing performance and does not take into account the cost aspect. then I did the Airline2sim flight : PFPX gave me an initial alt of FL200, the TOD was like 5-10 Nm after TOC. A higher cost index emphasizes savings on time related costs, while a lower cost index saves on fuel. Posted by 3 days ago. The 767 cost index used to be 70 for all flights. The A320 is one aircraft in four sizes (A318, A319, A320 and A321), representing the most successful and versatile jetliner family ever. Close suggestions. Autobrake This feature will work only if your aircraft model has the autobrake enabled. for exemple for LFRB-LFKJ ( 1h40 flight) it gave me a initla FL of 390 which is the Rec max of the A320, the OPT alt calculated by the FMGC was FL360.

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