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They stop running the ferries during monsoon season except from Pak Bara because of the seas. Check prices on Agoda.com | Trip Advisor Reviews. Thank you again! The property has a la carte restaurant and a bar on site. Safe travels. Can’t even begin to tell you about the changes we have seen. We’d love to hear how you liked it after your trip in November. Which beach is the better option, sunrise or sunset? I’d never heard of Koh Lipe till leaving this post and I’d love to be lying on that white sand right now . Don’t take it for granted. I am sure we’ll get there sometime. Ten Moons is right on Sunrise Beach, and it has the softest sand in all of Koh Lipe. Sounds like you have a had crazy and fun year of traveling. Not been to Langkawi so we will still stop here but only for 2 nights based on what I’ve been reading about it. Yes the ferry runs through April, we suggest buying your tickets in advance. I saw Kua Jetty is within the town and Telaga is like in the middle of nowhere but close to a cable car and a nice park. The only way to get to Koh Lipe during that time is from Pak Bara. Lipe Resort est située à proximité de Pattaya Beach. I have only two questions left: We would like to stay at a quiet beach, away from the longtailboats and loats of tourists. If I book transportation back to back, I’m afraid we’ll run into delays and they’ll take off without us.. would you recommend back to back transfers from the airport to the pier to the island? Please let us know how the weather is and how your trip went. They are giving us the option to reschedule/cancel. Think after NYE we’ll head from Chiang Mai to Phuket -> Koh Lanta -> Koh Lipe -> Langkawi -> KL for our 2 weeks down the Andaman Sea side. This helps us keep the website going. I saw you are a couple of devoted travelers. Glad you loved Koh Life as much as we do! When booking online places like on Agoda, there are often special discounts when staying longer like 3 or 5-night discounts. Hi Hannah and Adam! On the plus side, you’ll have much thinner crowds and generally lower prices. You are the best travel writer ever! Hi Hannah & Adam, Such a complete guide. My only worry is – isn’t it too crowded over Christmas and New Year? Any suggestion? Salisa is a good place to stay with kids, the owners & workers live on site and they have children themselves that you will see playing on the beach and at breakfast. Hope that helps a bit, have a great time in Koh Lipe! Hi Hanna I’ll be traveling to Thailand,Cambodia and Singapore next February and I will spend 2 days in Ko Lipe. May I know if the program 1 day trip is worth it? To see all ticket options and book online click here. We’ve been a couple times and are heading back over the Thanksgiving holiday! Thanks for the link to transport from Koh Lanta. There are several Indian restaurants in Koh Lipe but Royal Indian is the real deal. Thank you so much for your tips. Check the Thai embassy website to check you nationality rules. Apologies for the novel, just excited to see someone loves Lipe as much as we do. Any suggestion? Railei Beach is HOURS away and isn’t a day trip from Koh Lipe. Make not you will have to go through immigration before getting on the boat. We are updating the article now, creating videos, and additional Koh Lipe articles so stay tuned. online or on the spot? I know this is obviously cutting it close, but from your experience, how strict are they on timelines and do you think I should book the 13:30 instead? Hi Hannah, We have a flight from Kuala Lumpur that gets into Langkaw at 13.10 and have booked a ferry from Telaga terminal at 2.30; do you think this is do-able and do you foresee any problems (barring any flight delays). We usually pre-book the transfers to Koh Lipe, but not back so we can stay flexible. Last, I would go diving, the popular stone henge site is probably one of the best. Arriving at 10 am and 3 pm, there is a 1-hour time difference. They have tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas, etc. Get the garlic naan and chicken tikka masala and you won’t be disappointed. Koh Lipe features a handful of budget and mid-range resorts, located on Sunset Beach, Sunlight Beach and Pattaya Beach. Don’t head to TripAdvisor looking for the best restaurants in Koh Lipe, the list is wrong. Located at the end of Sunrise Beach next to Ten Moons Lipe resort. Hie, planning to go koh lipe next month. The long tail boats and snorkeling will still be going on. Bummer we will be there 2 weeks prior, just missing you! heading to Lipe next week. Up and down Pattaya Beach you will find dozens of accommodation from beach bungalows to luxury resorts, restaurants, and beach bars. We hope to get back to Koh Lipe again next year. A family get together is in the pipeline for 2017/18-Dec/Jan. Most Koh Lipe resorts and ferry to Koh Lipe tickets will be fully booked months in advance. I’m a bit worried about the bumpy journey but I’ve had bad ones – one was to Koh Rok from Phuket and another from Samui to the national park. In July the ferry service is limited to the islands in Thailand and varies which islands you are looking at. Thanks for taking the time to write down all the info! Have a great time! My husband and I are going to Thailand from 14.12.17 till the 2nd of January 18 and considering of spending some days on Ko Lipe as well. Hoping to have great new year there. Happy Vibe Bar located on Sunrise beach right in front of Salisa Resort. 3 days in BKK is perfect and I would say 3-7 night in Lipe depending on if you are diving or not. We’ve never been there in September ourselves, the weather you never know. That is the exact thing we do every time. I read that there are no more speed boats from there ,just 2 ferries.,one from Telaga Harbour and the other from Kua Jetty. If you really want to be far away then try one of the cliff resorts overlooking sunset beach http://tidd.ly/86983d1. I also love Ko Lipe!!! It’s totally worth it! We were there on December 1st in 2016 and had decent weather. If you are traveling in March I would recommend booking your transportation in advance. We’ve finally decided to go to Koh Lipe. Hi guys, do you know if it’s easy to get vegetarian meals on the island? We have been on the boat in November, December, January, and February. Hi Greg – My guess is that if you are there before the van leaves they will take you, however, depending on the time of year and weather you may have delays in flights. Book this on the beach with the locals as opposed thru your hotel, I mean you can get prices from them and if they are in the 1500-2000 baht for private boat then that’s good but if they quote you higher just book it on the spot on the beach . Here is how to book with them, you can change it to fit your travels –>> https://12go.asia/en/travel/pak-bara-pier/koh-lipe/?z=196379. The link for AirAsia package (flight to Hat Yai, shuttle to Pak Bara pier, and speedboat to Koh Lipe) doesn’t work. The water is usually calm on all of the beaches, but depending on winds can be slightly higher on sunrise in November, but the boat traffic is much less on Sunrise. Glad you enjoyed it and that we talked you into putting Koh Lipe on your bucket list. Hope that helps! Great post! All throughout Koh Lipe prices were 300 baht an hour for Thai massage/Foot massage, 400 baht for an oil massage, and 500 baht for aloe massage. I think we are pretty much decided on Koh Lipe. Thanks for your reply Hannah. How Big is Koh Lipe and How to get Around? Best Wishes. i can’t seems to find airasia flight to hat yai then koh lipe, do you have link to share? Wow! What hotel are you staying at? We have taken the speedboat to Koh Lipe to & from Pak Bara and Langkawi Malaysia. Considering my earlier look at flights just to get to Hat Yai were in the $1300 range, I’m happy with it. Super excited! Dans ce cas, la course vous coûtera entre et . We’ve spent well over a month on Koh Lipe between multiple trips over the last 5 years. Fish BBQ on Pattaya of course! I am definitely going there at the end of this year . Hope that helps! It’s more affordable than you’d imagine considering it’s in one of the most expensive hotels on the island Serendipity. Do you have a day trip recommendation that includes some hiking? Thanks for the feedback, transport would be easier if they had a proper jetty, but then it would probably be an eyesore too. I wish I’d known about this place when I went to Koh Lanta a couple of months ago! And then to get to Krabi airport you can book it all from Koh Lipe here https://12go.asia/en/travel/koh-lipe/krabi-airport/?z=196379. We have lived in Chiang Mai many times, and I would choose Koh Lipe hands down over Chiang Mai, so if you miss it, it will be for good reason. Love this post. Great informations and amazing pictures! I should probably book ahead as it’s high season. We stayed in cabin / house number 13 a little bit up the hill. This is a wonderful guide, thanks a lot! Planning a trip to Koh Lipe in November this year. We leave tomorrow thank you again for all the tips!! Koh Lipe est une petite île dans la partie sud de la mer d'Andaman en Thaïlande. Each room has a private bathroom. There are several travel agencies in Paka Bara that sell the ferry tickets, the prices are almost all the same. There are still several bars on walking street and Pattaya beach open until midnight so you and your BF will still have some nightlife. Thanks for the great guide! Choose one of the following to unlock Secret Prices and pay less on selected hotels. Glad we could help give you all the information about Koh Lipe you were looking for. Hi – thank you for this so much! I’ve never done this before, and am a little nervous..thanks! From Phuket you can take a ferry down to Koh Lipe which will take several hours, you could also jump off the ferry a visit other islands along the way – if you’d rather avoid boats you should be able to get ground transport from Phuket to Pak Bara Pier that serves Koh Lipe. I’ll make sure to take lots of photos and let you know how we get on. Sunrise Beach Restaurant is now a vegetarian & vegan restaurant. I’d inquire in person and ask what is the refund policy if you don’t see them. It convinced us to head to Koh Lipe for 6 nights over this Christmas holiday. Do you have any idea if the ATMs on Koh Lipe accept Chinese UnionPay bank cards? Bloom Bar is also good if you want “real” coffee but is crazy busy. As for the ride out there, it’s always a little bumpy, but if you take the ride that goes through the national park and stops at Koh Khai it goes through more protected waters and is generally better. We have 5 days & nights – so looking forward to experiencing what you love so much. The video was shot with a DJI Phantom 3 for the most part. You can book the longtail boat in person just go to sunrise beach and there is a water taxi stand with guys negotiate a full day price and they will bring you where all the other tours go but at your pace. Started to look at booking flights and discovered the prices were more than pay to fly from China to Wisconsin! Thank you. We will for sure make good use of it! Excursions are pretty affordable and well worth it. When can we go back?! Safe travels. The taxi drivers wear a purple vest you’ll be able to spot them if you’re looking for a ride. After Koh Lipe is Bali my next stop and I def wanna stay longer there. Well done! If you have to choose just one snorkeling trip, which one is better? One week in Langkawi and one in Koh Lipe. Liquor is only is “legally” for sale 11 am-2 pm, and 5 pm-12 am and most stores follow the rules. I also had a free night pending with hotels.com so yea, it turned out to be around 8k for 3 nights. We are sad the owners sold it and have now set up a new restaurant in Hat Yai. Have fun in Koh Lipe! Pattaya Beach is Koh Lipe’s main beach, it’s location is a large sheltered bay with really soft powdery sand and crystal-clear blue water. They are going to high expectations after traveling to Thailand and visiting Koh Lipe. Hi Hannah, Your page is full of very useful informations and beautiful pictures. Thank you for your time! You are going to have an amazing time. We are flying in/out of Singapore, so have a little time to explore there. I just saw the schedule and now I have to change all my schedule. Koh Lipe is the most Southern island in Thailand, located just 60 km from mainland Thailand lies the island of Koh Lipe. We would like to visit Koh Lipe, Koh Samui, and perhaps Koh Lanta Yai. Cette petite île encore habitée il y a quelques années par des nomades de la mer appelés chow lair, nest désormais plus une île secrète. Many of the Read More», Having an entire beach to yourself in a place as beautiful as Phuket is like a tropical dream come true. We are so jealous you are going to Koh Lipe! One of the best places to snorkel from shore is in front of Ten Moons Resort. Even during non-moonsoon season, the boat can be rough. We are Americans but we live and work in China. If you are looking for more of a quiet secluded beach location Sunset Beach is for you. On land, you can trek all around the island – it takes roughly one hour – and discover the lush tropical vegetation and its fauna at your pace. Let us know if you have any other questions. If the seas are really bad they will cancel them. Also would like to know, if comparing the beach views between Sunrise and Pattaya, which is most likely to have less longtail boats in the month of November? I agree with the authors of this site; Sunrise Beach Restaurant is fab. During that time you’ll only be able to reach the island from Pak Bara and of all the crossings we have found that one to be the most gentle, however wind and sea conditions can still make it bumpy. Stay at any of Read More», The 10 best local Thai restaurants in Pattaya Beach are perfect if you are looking to enjoy simple, tasty dishes on a Read More», Breezy, spacious and relaxed, Big Buddha and Bangrak Beach is a place of contrasts. Several Koh Lipe hotel’s peak season rates are double the price of their low season. Thanks! Where are you staying? It cost 50 baht per person from Pattaya Beach to our hotel Salisa Resort on Sunrise Beach with our luggage. La moins chère est en minivan et bus et ferry, ce qui coûte ฿1199. Koh Lipe is not a party island. I am glad our Koh Lipe guide could help plan your long Thailand island trip and Koh Lipe is worth at least 4 nights. We’d recommend at least 3 nights on the island, that way you can spend 2 days on Koh Lipe and then a day out exploring the nearby islands by boat. For me it’s an easy choice between the two, I always go for Sunrise Beach. Entre les appontements, les bateaux, long rails boats et les baigneurs, … Such a good information you have here. We are so jealous and what a great place to end your honeymoon. One of our go-to lunch spots and it’s right next to the popular Happy Vibes beach bar on Sunrise Beach. I was supposed to go to Koh Lipe last time I was in langkawi, but had to save up money. So great to hear you loved Koh Lipe as much as we did. Any idea what it would be like to be there in early september, where it is said to be the low/rainy season? Thanks for this post, Hannah and Adam. Whether you are dive certified or not, diving if you have time you should go diving in Koh Lipe. I’m now thinking on going again at the end of September, but unsure of the whether – particularly the sea crossing. If you ask us the best time to visit Koh Lipe is January through March. Also, any idea what the weather at the end of June would be like? There may be more options if you wait a little longer to book that leg. Koh Lipe will not let you down. Hi Hannah and Adam, thanks for these tips. Safe travels to you and Adam! Hello! The yoohoo pancake lady is so hilarious and the pancakes are delish! Sunrise Beach stretches the entire eastern side of Koh Lipe, it is the perfect beach to go on long walks. Cheers Diana. Known for her smoothies and pancakes this cute old gramma will be yelling “Yaa-Hoo” pancake pancake pancake”. It may be wet in August, but the weather won’t be significantly different than Penang, so I wouldn’t make that the reason for not going. Vous pouvez également commander un taxi. We are looking to go to Thailand for our honeymoon mid-June 2019. Thx for writing it guys. The exact dates of when the ferries start running again vary year to year. Thanks in advance! Then take a shuttle bus to Pak Bara pier for 250 baht, and then at Pak Bara pier, you can get on a ferry to Koh Lipe for 650 baht. Awesome guide guys! Ao Nang/Krabi to Koh Lipe ferry is a shuttle and ferry combination ticket. Def make the trip from Langkawi to Koh Lipe, and now it is so easy since they have ATM’s now! We just spent 2 weeks on the island so this guide is going to get a full facelift and updated for 2017 Koh Lipe trips. My boyfriend and I are travelling to the western islands of Thailand for 2 weeks at the beginning of December and love the look of Koh Lipe! We just returned from Koh Lipe during peak season, we spent 14 nights of fun in the sun. Thanks. Hi, may i know how u reserved a longtail boat ? We are going in November, can’t wait to see if it meets our kids expectations . Let us know if you need any other tips, safe travels. It seems like flights are at 9am and it would prove difficult to get to the airport that early. They have curry, pizza, seafood, steak, sandwiches, etc. U just made me adding Koh Lipe into my bucket list! Are you on Air Asia’s flight? Let us know if you have any other questions about Koh Lipe. My husband and I are going there at the end of this week and we want to know if we need to find another way to take money out on the island. So jealous you are going to Koh Lipe next week. It will not be as smooth of a day, but getting all your traveling done in one day is always better than spreading it out over two days. Is there any hotel you would recommend in Hat Ya? The cheapest way would be to probably fly from China to Bangkok and then book the Air Asia package to Hat Yai where you get a shuttle to the ferry and ferry to Koh Lipe. On peut y aller de Koh Lanta par la mer ou aller directement (en avion ou en bus) à Satun ou Hat Yai et se rendre par la suite en taxi au port de Pak Bara. However, I am wondering if it is the right season to visit? Low season is a great time to go if you are looking for a quiet time on the beach and great hotel deals. Le coût du trajet de Krabi à Koh Lipe varie en fonction du mode de transport que vous choisissez. There are other ways to get to Koh Lipe in Just one day and a night in Hat Yai would honestly be somewhat of a wasted day. I was blown away looking at the accommodations and prices on the island. If you have any other suggestions that we shouldn’t miss out on as we go be great to hear from you guys! It may not seem like a normal thing to do in Koh Lipe, but it’s actually fun and for a good cause. You can buy the shuttle to just the pier and then pick your ferry company once you get to the pier. Folks (80 yo) really wish to make the trip. We rented a car once and did a road trip and we visited Chiang Rai but we have never made the trip to Pai. Koh Lipe is heaven if you ask us. Enjoy Koh Lipe! If you’re lucky, it’s even possible to see Koh Tarutao and Langkawi (Malaysia) on a perfectly clear sunny day. They are both great, but if I had to pick only one I would do #2, but honestly, I think they both should be done as there isn’t too much overlap. This is a nice spot for sunset, but bring a head torch or flashlight for the walk back, and some bug spray would probably be a good idea too. Most Koh Lipe resorts and ferry to Koh Lipe tickets will be fully booked months in advance. We will be there in August, which we know is the rainy season but it’s the only time we could go. Located on Walking Street. Let us know if you have any other Koh Lipe questions. Tell me what you think, your going to fall in love….. My husband and I just returned from Ko Lipe on our honeymoon, this was by far the best part of our trip to Thailand and we are so happy we were able to experience it… I recommend it to everyone we speak to now, Leonardo’s was superb, good thai food and Italian cuisine! I saw in your post that the 100baht cocktail bar has closed down for good? My wife and I will be on Koh Lipe in January after traveling through Bangkok and Chiang Mai. You can snorkel right off the beach if you want. Decided to take dome style hotel which is kinda reasonable. I’ll be there on November 26 and can’t wait to explore and soak in some sun. Really appreciate it. Breakfast is à la carte … I can’t say for sure the dates until the end of October nor could you 100% plan on going to Koh Lipe from Langkawi then because they may sell you a ticket and later cancel it. If you’re looking for a quiet beach, Pattaya isn’t the beach for you. I am so jealous your’re going to my favorite island Koh Lipe next month. Island-hopping is recommended by long-tail or speedboat. Other than that it’s well located with easy access to walking street. The sunset snorkeling tour combines some of the most popular aspects of program 1 with a sunset at Koh Adang. We are heading to Koh Lipe ourselves in a week, we are taking using Grab Route for the transfer. Two of the most popular day trips from Koh Lipe are Program 1 and Program 2. Koh Lipe is always a good idea. Mali Resort Pattaya Beach Koh Lipe, station touristique, Thaïlande. Me and my friend are thinking about going to Koh Lipe around the 26th or 27th October. We were considering working our way down to Lankawi from Krabi on the ferry, and stopping off at a couple of the islands along the way. If you happen to get to much sun make sure to get an after-sun aloe massage to help heal the sunburn and provide a cooling effect. Safe travels. Let me know if you have any other questions. This is the #1 restaurant, but it’s just okay. Is anybody there at the moment?is there any recommended website to check the weather? Such an amazingly detailed post!! All rights reserved. I hope to get to shoot sunset photos while I’m there. Thanks I really enjoy reading your page. Safe travels. Koh Lipe offers amazing beach holiday adventure for any traveler. The size of the prawns available is out of this world. Loved it and safari was such a grear experience ! April weather is nothing like Aug/Sept/Oct. always if you know, I saw that you could also travel on Trang but from Rome I didn’t find any connection you have any news as it seems closer to me than Hat Yai. Family of 5, so private longtail boat will be our preferred method of exploring islands and do some snorkelling. Most offer individual bungalows with private balconies and basic amenities. Is there a reason why you want to go to Phuket? only ID crad? There are fewer tourists and it’s easy to find a quiet spot on the beach. It really does look like the Maldives and it’s just stunning! I am going Koh Lipe in 3 days time and staying at serene Lipe resort. Hi Hannah! Safe travels! I understand November is the beginning of high season for Koh Lipe but is it super crowded during that month? You will love Koh Lipe. Sunrise Beach (Haad Chao Ley) is a long (approximately 800m) strip of white sand bordering a wide shallow bay. Hi! I have a trip planned to Thailand in 5 months and this is going to be very helpful and glad I found it. Your blog and instagram are amazing btw, thank you for sharing your travels! However, if you’ve never been it’s worth the trip, but I would have less time there than other beaches. I could see transfers on to Koh Lipe being somewhat challenging based on what you described. June is rainy season but you never know what it will be like. Maybe a problem is that if … hey, thanks for the great tips!! We just returned from a 2 week trip to Koh Lipe and yes the 100 cocktail bar was closed, it appeared to now be someone’s living room…sadly no 100 baht cocktails. May want to warn folks that coming in rainy season may be a very bumpy journey! Cliquez sur les icones sur la carte pour obtenir des informations sur leur climat. Good Mexican food is hard to find in Asia and Aroy Mexican is a rare gem. Let us know if you have any other Koh Lipe questions. Your English is fine! If you are craving an Indian meal there is one just beside what looks to be a community hall, towards walking street across from one of the biggest convenience/grocery stores on the island. A friend and I are going to Thailand the last week of August and first week of September and trying to confirm plans, etc. During a discovery dive, you will learn some of the basic scuba concepts, practice scuba skills in shallow water and then off to explore the underwater life. Safe travels and let us know if you have any other questions. What a nice and informative article about Koh Lipe. Weekends typically are busy all year on Ko Lipe, as local Thai and Malaysian tourists flock to the island for a weekend getaway. If you set it up with the boat drives directly you can get the boat to yourself for a little bit more than the cost for 2 people to take a packaged tour, and then you can have the sites nearly to yourself. Thanks for the infomation Hannah. Promise you will love it Lina! Just a heads up. Can’t wait! Register for your ferry 1 hour before boarding, registration closes 30 minutes before your departure and you will not be allowed to board without registering. Wel come to royalindian restaurant koh lipe very good indian food chicken tikka masala chicken masala. As for recommendations, we try to keep this list up to date with our favorites, but you can’t miss Sunrise Restaurant on sunrise beach just up the beach from Coco Beach bungalows. Hi, so glad that i came to this website. You can find cool bars at all the beaches in Koh Lipe. des mon arrivé sur koh lipe, j'ai été agreablement surpris par la couleur de l'eau, vraiment magnifique, le cadre est absolument fantastique , une carte postale. If your main objective is snorkeling I would choose Program One. Now, I’m going to thailand in Feb 17, and my itinerary is so full of things to do that i need to decide if I go 6 days to Koh Lipe or divide it into 3 in Phi Phi Islands and 3 in Lipe. Happy planning! THe nearest airport to Lipe is Hat Yai and you can get a direct flight from Bangkok there. These boats add an additional hour or so onto the journey to Koh Lipe. The boat ride will be a bumpy getting to/from the island. Can you recomend to book boat from koh lanta to koh lipe before leasing Denmark or should we Wait ? We usually spend a week there. We are staying at Blue Tribes. Safe travel to Koh Lipe. Do you think we must order speedboat tickets online from Jolly Travel before leaving?. Yeah, the speed boat can be rough that’s for sure. Koh Lipe hotels can be found for all budgets, and all the modern amenities if you wish to have them. Thanks for helping this overwhelmed planner. Hello Adam and Hannah, I’m in Koh Lipe now and I find your guide and tips very helpful. Amazing place xxx .hopefully we can go back for our 10 year! I agree with you re: Phuket (and I have been there twice), but William (boyfriend) has never been and wanted to be there for November full moon lantern event…we decided to take the speed boat from Koh Lipe to Phuket. We are not there at the moment so we cannot advise. I look here all the time and just dream. We highly recommend La Luna pizza and gnocchi with pesto. Hi, I’ll be traveling to Thailand in December, visiting Koh Lipe. planning to spend 2-3 days in bankong and then off to an island to get some rest but also to do some activities (snorkeling, scuba ect). In answer to someone else’s question, we flew direct to Hat Yai from Chiang Mai with Air Asia, so I’m a bit surprised to hear there is not a return service. Sigh… Once the kids are gone to college LOL. it’s very useful! We paid 1500 baht ($45USD) for the day and little more if you go further out. This is our favourite Island. We are in Koh Lipe right now and love it. Hi Hannah and Adam We have been to thailand one time A year for the last 10 years ?? Safe travels. So to read all this great information is a very good guide through. Vous avez 8 manières de vous rendre de Singapour à Koh Lipe. in your blog you mentioned that Air asia transfer cost 1900 bhat to koh lipe and that is of course one ways trip right? Is the speedboat the best and fastest way to Phuket? Take a minivan from Ao Nang/Krabi to Trang, then a ferry to a 2-hour ferry to Koh Lipe. And what about when we lave koh lipe to Krabi airport what Will you recomend ? We are not visiting Bangkok this time. What Koh Lipe hotel are you staying at? I await your reply, you are fantastic, thanks for what you do. I want to tell you that you blog is the best one I have read about Ko Like. I’ve read that that time is monsoon season and that the islands of the Gulf Coast tend to see less rain than the Andaman Coast. Proche de Langkawi en Malaisie, de Koh Tarutao, Koh Lipe se trouve au Sud extrême de la Thaïlande. We suggest getting travel insurance with World Nomads. What other island will you recommend for our remaining 3 or 4 days? Jack’s Jungle – now by San Pita resort. thank you very much in advance and thanks for this great ultimate guide!! I’m a little nervous about the travelling part to get there from where I live in China. Pam, Murray, John, Michelle & Elizabeth xxxxx. Cool. We always buy the AirAsia package that includes our flights, shuttle, and tickets. Jealous you were in Koh Lipe. I am thinking of visiting koh lipe. Most of the flights from Hat Yai to Bangkok will go to DMK airport, but almost all international flights go out of BKK airport. Your best options are Corner Bar & Rainforest which are on Walking Street, Peace & Love Bar or Reggae Bar on Pattaya Beach, Happy Vibe Bar on Sunrise Beach, and Boom Boom Bar on Sunset Beach.

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